When they say, “Feel the Sound”, they’re not lying!

Are you one who loves to listen to your jams in the car or your talk radio in the morning? There are so many car radios and dash installations to choose from, but the one we’re going to bring to your attention is California Audio, providing excellent car radio right here in West Valley, Utah! What makes West Valley’s car radio so good? We’ll give you a few good reasons:

  • Car Audio gives FREE estimates by fantastic, authorized professionals will help you select the right head unit, amplifier, and speakers for your specific car needs.
  • Customize your own in-dash restyle so you get EXACTLY what you want.

For tech junkies: Get that in-dash touchscreen you’ve always wanted with all the cool features, such as navigation, customizable shortcuts, Bluetooth, and optimized custom sound settings.

Not only will West Valley help you get the car radio of your dreams, they will work with you to make sure you’re not breaking your bank. California Audio only sells the most proven, highest quality brands so you are guaranteed your money’s worth when it comes to car radio.

Car Audio uses high-end technology for an ultimate car radio experience. Two specific technologies are most impressive:

  • The PASSPORT 9500ci: This laser radar technology is a powerful protection while driving your vehicle. Detected threats take approximately 1 second to process, thus giving you a heads up on anything that might damage your vehicle.
  • The KICKER Q-Class: This speaker system is top of its class for quality mobile sound. It’s best known to be able to fit easily into factory hole locations already found in your car. From mono amps to 5-channel modules, these systems are guaranteed to blow you out of the water!

Overall, West Valley Car Radio is a good option for a top-notch car radio system to impress! Call in for a free estimate today!

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