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With over twenty years of experience installing car audio systems, we know our stuff. Whether you’re looking to win the ultimate car audio competition, or if you just want to cruise and enjoy your music, let us design the perfect custom system for you.

Built In Radar Detectors

Built In Radar Detectors

High-End Car Audio

Our techs can handle everything from simple stereo replacements to fully-custom systems that will knock your socks - and your doors - off.
Stop in and let our team design a custom system that will blow your mind, but not your budget.

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  • GPS Navigation Receivers
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Android Auto

Android Auto

Smarter, Safer Driving

Android Auto allows you to access the most commonly used features of your Android device on your vehicle’s touchscreen receiver.

completely discreet install

completely discreet install

Front and rear radar receivers

Our techs can handle everything from simple stereo replacements to fully-custom systems that will knock your socks - and your doors - off.
Stop in and let our team design a custom system that will blow your mind, but not your budget.


  • Mono Subwoofer Amps
  • 2-Channel Amps
  • 4-Channel Amps
  • 5-Channel Amp


  • Powered Subwoofers
  • 10-inch Subwoofers
  • 12-inch Subwoofers
  • 15-inch Subwoofers

Boxes & Enclosures

  • Pre-loaded Box
  • Sealed Box
  • Ported Box
  • Car-Specific Enclosures

Custom Built Subwoofer Boxes

  • Custom Fit Enclosures
  • Optimized For Your Needs
  • Custom One-Off Design
  • Custom Subwoofer Enclosures


in-vehicle technology

The more you drive, the smarter your detector becomes.

Long Range

Long Range


Integrated digital signal processing (DSP) means maximum range and minimal false alerts.

Detectors are Legal

Detectors are Legal


ESCORT products aim to protect you from the law, not break it.

invisible Radar on your car

The Stinger system gives you top notch protection against laser & radar. Laser protection is not only about performance, but it's also about how it looks on your car. Only Stinger offers Fiber Laser sensors, which are so minute that they become near-invisible.

Large Hover Row

Built In Radar Detectors

The Stinger Radar system gives you top-notch protection against laser, radar, or both laser and radar. Choose your protection. Laser, Radar, or both front only or cover the rear. Choose laser-only, radar-only, or laser and radar. You will come across laser and radar in most areas, but laser-only and radar-only areas do exist.

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radar and laser detection systems

You never know when you might be going a bit over the speed limit at just the wrong moment. The purpose of a radar detector is to save you from speeding tickets by detecting police radar that measures the speed of travel for your vehicle. Premium radar detectors from Escort offer even longer range detection of radar guns and can provide more accurate readings, as well as fewer false alerts.

Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector
Escort Max3 Radar Detector
Radenso Radar Detector Logo

radar and laser detector

Do you want a detector with incredible performance and the best false-alert filtering in the world? The Radenso Pro M is a great choice. If you are looking for excellent performance at an unbeatable price, the Radenso SP stands out as a clear winner. Or maybe you want to split the difference and get a fantastic all-around radar detector with advanced features like GPS and great false alert filtering – the Radenso XP will serve you well

Radenso Prom Radar detector

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